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Anti-Drip nozzle

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TecnoCooling matches the concept of quality with the achievement of good results in all conditions where misting is applicable,
making out of a new idea
a necessary tool for better living...

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TecnoCooling specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of outdoor cooling systems and realizes fog systems for cooling, humidification, special effects, dust control, odor neutralization in the home, commercial, industrial and agricultural fields.

We can design customized systems to fill your needs. Contacts us, we will be pleased to suggest the most suitable solution to your needs.

From our advanced technical experience achieved in the industrial field of high pressure water pumps for misting up to the study and development of special anti-drip nozzles, we can obtain top performances and high quality standards of our misting systems.
TecnoCooling is today the sole misting manufacturer of the market to offer the best quality & price level to compete in the market and a complete know-how in any field of applications from industry to domestics, from refreshing to humidification and odor/dust control.

Our goal is focusing our experience, continuous research and development projects to grant outdoor cooling systems to any requirements with the best quality and durability products in unconfortable environments conditions.

TecnoCooling fogging systems are efficiency oriented, with minimal installation costs, they reduce the outdoor temperature of 10° C.-15° C., during hot season and help to prevent diseases caused by dusts, pollen, and keep moquitos and flyes away from you and your friends.

By mean of our panteted components and special polyamide pipes, we can offer simple but efficient cooling systems, easy to install, disassembly and modified each time and where you need.

All components are supplied as DO-IT-YOURSELF kits and they allow everyone to make the assembly of his best cooling system with extreme facility.

Most solutions are versatile and changeable and can reduce installation costs, rapidly return the initial investment without waiting longtime for the visit of the installer.

We offer several models of systems, all supplied as KITS like D-I-Y for personalization of each installation, amusing in assembly and testing the thin refreshing fog all around you .After careful reading the user’s manual, everyone will be able to assemble without mistakes. Our technicians are always at service to reply to inquiries, to answer your questions on trouble-shootings and to offer experience and support. We work hard everyday to develop new products to fullfill all the needs for fogging systems.

TecnoCooling offers the most complete range of cooling systems to the Italian and foreign markets. The dedication to our work, the experience on pumping systems and technical components. Our skillful technicians and the competitive prices of the complete installations have confirmed our products as the winning solution in the outdoor cooling in 4 continents.

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