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Commercial applications (PDF)

» Commercial/Resort
» Industrial cooling
» Greenhouse
» Livestocks
» Wine cellars
» Paper and wood
» Tobacco
» Textiles industry
» Fruit, vegetables, fish, meat
» Dust suppression
» Odor removal
» Pre-Cooling

Products catalog (PDF)

   About Misting
» Our Company
» Working principles

   Fog Modules
» Breezy
» Arctic
» Polaris
» Premium
» Premium Plus
» Premium Time
» Evolution
» Evolution Time
» Evolution Time KEM
» Polaris Time LSP
» Evolution Time VAR
» Professional
» Professional Time » NT-FOG
» Airmist

» Eurojet
» Totem
» Ventilation/Fans
» MobiCool
» Icooler

» Nozzles
» Polyammide 5mm
» Polyammide
» Noxide
» Kit Polyammide
» Kit Noxide
» Kit 45 cm fans
» Kit 45 cm osc fans
» Kit 60 cm fans
» Filters & accessories
» Humidity controllers
» Dosing pumps
» Other / Accessories

» Mounting layouts
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TecnoCooling Systems
Via Canale, 114
Tel. +39 0522840805
Fax. +39 0522849962

Misting systems
for outdoor cooling, special
effects, humidification,
odor and dust control ...
TecnoCooling specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of outdoor cooling systems and realizes fog systems for cooling, humidification, special effects, dust control, odor neutralization in the home, commercial, industrial and agricultural fields.

We can design customized systems to fill your needs. Contacts us, we will be pleased to suggest the most suitable solution to your needs.


Applications for :
Amusement parks
Aquatic parks
Arenas - Swimming pools - Beaches

Outdoor cooling in:
Pubs - Restaurants - Hotels
Discoteques - Weddings - Parties

Special effects for:
Parks - Fountains
Monuments - Swimming pools

Indoor cooling in:
Factories - Livestocks

Temperature and humidity control in:

Greenhouses - Garden Centers
Wine cellars - Factories
Vegetables and fruit shelves

Only for cooling?
It also keeps flyes, mosquitos,
dust and odors away!

Applications and photo gallery>>> Applicazioni PHOTO GALLERY

2 years warranty on all products !
Warranty Terms here

NEWS 26.06.2015 - TecnoCooling misting systems widely installed in 2015 EXPO pavilions. - Our systems have been chosen for many different applications, like outdoor cooling, special effects, perfumes spraying, humidification. Pavillions misted by TecnoCooling include: USA, Kazakhstan, Russia, McDonald's, Coffe cluster, Children Park, Poretti and other...>> read more <<

NEWS 27.05.2014 - Professional humidification: new Arctic and Polaris series pumps. - We started 2014 introducing new products to complete the wide range of TecnoCooling misting applications. New models together with the excellent Premium-Time range, offer now a full choice of pumps to achieve best performances in industrial anc commercial humidification. >> read more <<

NEWS 10.02.2010 - Food humidification: new Premium-Time series pumps. - We started 2010 introducing new products to complete the wide range of TecnoCooling misting applications. New models together with the excellent Evolution-Time range, offer now a full choice of pumps to achieve best performances in food humidification. >> read more <<

NEWS 30.06.08 - TecnoCooling systems succesfully installed in Milan and Santiago del Cile metro. - Our systems have been used for the first time to build the largest cooling systems of the world based on misting technology. These systems are capable to cool down temperature in metro stations where other traditional systems are unusable. >> PDF review << - >> movie <<

2016 winter break:

Our company will be closed from
Aug. 13th, 2016 to Sep-4th, 2016.


Outdoor cooling for
pubs and restaurants

Greenhouse and wine cellar humidification

Special effects for parks, fountains, discoteques

Odor and dust

Wine cellar

Livestock cooling
increases productivity

Industrial cooling
for small and large areas

Umidificazione banco ortofrutta
Fresh food and cold rooms

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