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Solutions that match your needs
TecnoCooling specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of outdoor cooling systems and realizes fog systems for cooling, humidification, special effects, dust control, odor neutralization in the home, commercial, industrial and agricultural fields.

We can design customized systems to fill your needs. Contacts us, we will be pleased to suggest the most suitable solution to your needs.

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TecnoCooling is specialized in misting systems for outdoor cooling, promoting several different applications and installations with upgrade
technologies for resorts and for open air living. Our installations are
efficient, easy to hide, and very simple and quick to install, and require minimal maintenance.
Dimensions, types and location in the outdoor areas to cool and the choice of a peculiar stage effects are the main elements of our research for the most suitable solution to everyone’s need.

All our systems are compatible and allow the use of one pumping installation to feed the whole project using several fogging spots for multiple purposes. The same misting system which is refreshing the terrace of the hotel, for example it may feed water to pressurized a scenography in the gardens and /or the hall of the Body Cooler in the swimming pool or a cold shower with aromatic perfumes in the beauty center.
Our fogging lines are easy to hide, versatiles and extendible to create misting walls around the perimeter of the verandas, pathios and gazebos but they can be extended to the gardens to create a stage effect.
Fogging lines are so simple to install that can be a simple DO IT YOURSELF.

Our Wind lines offer the advantages of misting and professional ventilation through oscillating fans which push the cooling mist around and quickly and better will refresh a bigger area with improved power.
The best solutions for restaurants and big halls which have guests in the day and night time when heat drop down but humidity rises.

Eurojet line offers the range of radial ventilation at 360°, available to be
suspended to the ceiling or pathio – roof or even on top of a design column
to be set in middle of open air pathios or in a hall indoor.
Nice Totems in stainless steel with several type of archs and sizes with the advantage of simple installations have been designed especially for fun parks, swimming pools and beaches.

MobiCool mobile misting stations are the best top solutions for this season. These mobile stations include in one compact unit the misting system which you can move around just connecting water and electricity bringing fresh and cool everywhere you are.

TecnoCooling produces any misting solutions to cool outdoor living areas, stage effects, and keep unhealthy dusts at low levels.
Also it will protect your air quality and decrease bad odors for residentials, commercial and industrial fields.


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Applications and photo gallery>>> Applicazioni PHOTO GALLERY

Installations made easy with
D-I-Y pre-assembled Kits

Professional anti-drip patented nozzles

Temperature and humidity control devices

Several propagation systems: Eurojet ceiling fan

Several propagation systems: Polyammide pipes

Several propagation systems: Fog Fans

Our Fog Modules are suitable to run one or more systems, fitting your needs

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